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Year 1975 marks the inception of Bhoomi Realty Group. In the span of three decades, the group has been and continues to be one of the leading property developers in and around Mumbai City. It is endeavour to not only build structures but to build dreams, we are driven by the passion to create a new way of living with comfort and leisure. We create for you stunning spaces that you proudly call… home.

Bhoomi Realty Group believes and follows notions comprising Consistency, Premium Quality, Building Trust, Transparency and Customer Satisfaction. Our journey, since decades marks our Commitment, Zeal and Excellence towards our work, thus resulting into a big strong foundation, strengthened by interpersonal and a long-termed relationship we share with our People, Associates and Customers. It is our forte to build everlasting homes and we constantly innovate our services, as we are firm believer of the “Customer is King” concept.



To achieve the highest degree of Customer Satisfaction, in terms of Standards, Quality, Commitment and Values, and to set benchmarks by creating the Environment for Better Construction.
The Bhoomi Realty Group takes great pride in constructing everlasting homes and constantly seek to innovate because we sincerely believe that the “Customer is King”.