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Redevelopment is basically any new construction on a location that has a pre-existing structure. It helps to upgrade the lifestyle of people currently living in the structure and creates space for new people. Today many societies in Mumbai are in need of extensive repairs. However, they find it difficult to arrange the funds required to carry out the same. Furthermore, expansion in the size of families has created a need for larger spaces. Old societies have certain critical drawbacks comprising lack of security, non-availability of play areas for children, leakage problem, lack of attached toilets in the rooms, absence of parking lots and many more. Historically, redevelopment has been a very positive approach that has transformed many cities worldwide: few examples being that of Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Currently, the city of Mumbai is trying to convert its dilapidated structures to multi-storied complexes comprising modern facilities. We at Bhoomi Realty Group would like to play an important role at this point in transforming the skyline of Mumbai by creating ‘Destination Developers’.

What is Re-Development?

As the term implies, "Re - Development means demolishing the Old Structure and replacing it with a new structure with new dimensions and space". The prime advantage of such a transformation is evident - the usual difference between the old and the new. Assuming that the quality of material used in Re - Development is of good standard, the society can be assured that it need not bother for any major repairs or maintenance for the next 20 years.

Why Redevelopment?

  • Corpus Fund could be achieved which would take care of original member's share of the maintenance cost of the new premises. Otherwise this amount could be utilized for other purposes as per the decision of each individual member
  • Apart from the additional area that each society member would get in the newly constructed building as compensation from the developer, if any society member requires additional accommodation in the same building, it can be achieved by purchasing additional space from the developer at the best available price. This would enable the family to live in the same vicinity
  • Rental Charges for the alternate accommodation is provided to each and every member of the society while the they are away when their building is being built
  • Modern amenities and electronic gadgets are being widely used making life more luxurious and safe. Modern gadgets such as close in circuit cameras, intercom systems, smoke detectors, fire fighting alarm system, metal detectors, high speed elevators etc, are common in redeveloped societies
  • These complexes and towers have excellent stilt or sometimes underground parking facilities which eases the traffic congestion in the society premises. This not only saves precious space but also ensures discipline traffic flow in the society premises.

Advantages of Redevelopment

Architectural amenities:

  • Earthquake resistant design for buildings
  • Productive plan for new flats
  • Natural light and Air ventilation
  • Modern and better elevation
  • Well planned infrastructure


  • Grand entrance lobby
  • Modern amenities in rooms
  • Exclusive society office
  • Better view from flats
  • Spacious common passages and staircases
  • Availability of Modern elevators

Recreational facilities:

  • Ample car parking space
  • Health club and gym
  • Landscape garden for recreation
  • Separate children's playground for children

Other facilities:

  • High end security systems
  • Stand by generators
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Anti termite treatments
  • U/G tanks with submersible pumps having sensors
  • Provision for Piped Gas, Cable TV, Telecom, Internet.
  • Concealed Plumbing and Electrical lines

The List of Document required for Re-Development from the societies

  • Society Registration Certificate
  • Original Building Plan
  • Conveyance Deed / Lease Deed / Sale Deed
  • Copy of Resolution
  • Documents / Papers / Deeds / Agreements etc. whatsoever in
    nature related to the societies plot
  • Property Card
  • D. P. Remark
  • Extract of 6/12, 7/12
  • Search report and Title certificate
  • Index II
  • N. A. Order
  • City Survey Plan
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